Multi-Camera Solutions for Industry

The most optimal machine vision solution

Machine vision has been used in the industry for decades; the world is full of standard off-the-shelf cameras and solutions for such a purpose. Whenever the standard solution is not enough for you, we can use versatile technologies for your special needs.

Traditional machine vision cameras need a computer to control them and run image processing algorithms. We have developed smart camera technology which eliminates the need for external processing – the camera has a built-in microprocessor and programmable hardware to run the algorithms, and either wired or wireless connection to a network.

Grundium camera technology with powerful algorithms can be embedded for example in production or mining equipment; they can be optimized from every angle for the parameters that are priority in the particular application. As we are fully independent of any supplier, we can always select the most optimal solution for the given purpose.

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Read more about the technology and other applications: transportation, biotech and professional imaging.


Application specific solutions

  • Embedded vision
  • Customized / Optimized system for large amount of cameras
  • Interface to 3rd party or customer application platform

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