Multi-Camera Solutions for Transportation

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Are you looking for a camera solution for challenging weather conditions? With Grundium’s advanced multi-camera technology, it is possible to reveal what is invisible to the human eye. Whether there is poor visibility or a need to see behind something which is blocking the view, a well thought-out and purposefully built imaging system is often the best solution.

Conventional digital cameras are not optimal in varying and adverse environmental conditions. Much better visibility can be obtained by using a composite video stream, operating not only on visible wavelengths, but also those invisible to human eye – for example, thermal and short-wave infrared radiation (SWIR).

Furthermore, information obtained from individual camera units is often hard to interpret, compared with a system which provides a versatile 360° video source. This source can be zoomed and panned instantly to the area of interest.

With our novel multi-camera technology, such a source can be implemented using several lenses and sensors, increasing the system accuracy and performance. In addition, our advanced algorithm capabilities allow the incorporation of precise calibration, and many kinds of measurements.

Do you need a custom system to withstand harsh environmental conditions: extreme cold, heat, water, salt, impacts…and so on? You name the challenge, we can build it!

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