Finnish Biotechnology Innovation Hits Billion-Euro Markets

Grundium has entered into a major dealership contract with Alliance Global Group

Grundium, a technology company in the digital pathology sphere, has entered into a major dealership contract with Alliance Global Group. This high-powered partner will help the Finnish company’s portable microscope gain a strong foothold in the rapidly-expanding health technology markets in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Due to this contract, millions of people will have improved access to healthcare services— Grundium’s technology allows pathologists to work with and diagnose patients while on the other side of the world. 

Grundium Ltd.’s contract with Alliance Global Group (AGBL) has made entry into new international markets easier than ever. As an authority in the medical technology field, Alliance Group Global imports innovative technology systems and products for physicians, researchers, and diagnostic uses. With Alliance Group Global’s assistance, Grundium’s cutting-edge technology is now available for use in nearly every continent across the globe.

Expansion into these international markets, particularly in Africa and Saudi Arabia, would have been challenging due to cultural differences and uneven economic growth in target areas. For these reasons, Alliance Group Global’s partnership was essential.

“We were convinced by AGBL’s operational model in which distribution is managed centrally from a main storage in Dubai,” Says Grundium’s CEO Mika Kuisma. “AGBL is a partner to billion-euro businesses, so we are now in the company of the world’s leading biotechnology brands.” 

The digitalization of pathology is a worldwide trend, and Grundium is poised to become a major international company. The Grundium Ocus, the world’s first portable digital microscope scanner, is a major factor behind the Finnish company’s current and projected success. The Ocus eliminates the need for microscope slide transfer, both to a pathologist or from one hospital to another. Instead, statements can be given remotely. Additionally, since the Grundium Ocus is significantly less expensive than traditional scanners, even small hospitals are able to offer comprehensive examinations.

Kuisma finds great joy in the fact that the partnership between Grundium and AGBL will improve the quality of life for millions of people. The Grundium Ocus is ideal for remote healthcare needs, particularly in traditionally underserved locations throughout Africa.

“Our mission is to enable fast and reliable diagnoses for anyone who needs it. The digital microscope scanner enables African people to receive improved care from specialists in Europe, for example,” Kuisma notes.


“In many African countries, it has been practically impossible to receive a statement from a pathologist, as there may be just a single pathologist per million residents. Other complicating factors are long distances and financial aspects,” said Kuisma.

Grundium has an ongoing pilot project in Africa focused on cervical cancer screening. The Kinondo clinic in Kenya has used the company’s microscope scanner since August 2018, and the papilloma virus samples scanned with it are examined by a pathologist in Helsinki, Finland. The first results have been promising, and Grundium hopes to continue serving those in need.


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Grundium was established in 2015 and specializes in advanced imaging technology. The company currently employs a team of 25 people and operates in Tampere, Finland. The Grundium Ocus is a light, portable, and easy-to-use digital microscope scanner. It allows pathologists to examine patient samples remotely either on a computer or mobile device. The Ocus has distribution partners throughout Europe, China, and the United States.