Second Opinion & Telemedicine

Accessing the global expert pool in telepathology, making clinical expertise and services available worldwide

When the number of slides to be processed per day is reasonable, the Grundium Ocus is the optimal tool. It makes scanning, sharing and live viewing whole slide images with peers next door or on other side of the world easy and fast.

The Grundium Ocus WSI gives any hospital the capacity to scan slides in-house and access the global pool of pathology experts to improve their healthcare level and acquire secondary consultations from external pathology labs. Physical slide transfers between the clinic and the lab are a thing of the past.

Pathology is a major part of an accurate diagnosis. Clinicians depend on pathologists to diagnose illnesses (e.g. cancer), monitor disease progression and manage therapies.

With an aging population pathology services are becoming increasingly important. At the same time, there’s a growing shortage of pathologists globally – e.g. there are already over 56 000 patients per one pathologist in Belgium, 19 000 in USA, 74 000 in China and over 1.5 million in Uganda.

Pathology analyses are not conducted as often as necessary or the results are poor. Pathology is still often based on traditional practices. Tissue biopsy samples are placed on glass slides and analysed by a trained pathologist under a microscope. Often the pathologist works in a separate hospital unit or nearby laboratory. The slides must then be physically transported for examination and later brought back for archiving.

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