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Finnish Biotechnology Innovation Hits Billion-Euro Markets

Grundium, a technology company in the digital pathology sphere, has entered into a major dealership contract with Alliance Global Group. This high-powered partner will help the Finnish company’s portable microscope gain a strong foothold in the rapidly-expanding health technology markets in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Due to this contract, millions of people will have improved access to healthcare services— Grundium’s technology allows pathologists to work with and diagnose patients while on the other side of the world.

Removing the Entry Barrier for Going Digital

Digital pathology is sometimes still seen as costly and workflow-crippling future tech. Subsequently medical equipment suppliers work hard to overcome the entry barrier for going digital. There is, however, new technology, which makes business sense for both parties and is compatible with any workflow.

Solving the Biggest Problems in Digital Pathology

Pathologists keep running into the same problems in their work over and over. The bottlenecks are in the logistics of people and slides, getting a second opinion fast, organizing the workflow, dealing with digital compatibility and having the right tools for the job.

2019 Outlook And Trends In Digital Pathology

Digital pathology is evolving ever faster. Attila György, Sales Director at Grundium, a pioneer of personal slide imaging, talks about three key trends and looks into the future of digital pathology.

Ocus is in Medlab 2019, Dubai

Grundium attends 5th Digital Pathology Congress in London

5th Digital Pathology Congress is being held in London during 6th and 7th December.

Grundium Receives ISO 13485:2016 Certification

Grundium, Finland based medical imaging device company, is pleased to announce that it has been certified to ISO 13485:2016 by leading Certification Body – Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, for the development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of digital microscopy products.

Grundium in Pathology Visions 2018 in San Diego

Come and see the world’s most portable digital scanning microscope at the Pathology Visions 2018, held on November 4.-6. 2018 in San Diego.

Grundium At The European Congress Of Pathology In Bilbao

The OCUS® is available now! Come and see the world’s most portable digital scanning microscope at the ECP 2018, held on September 8.-12. 2018 at the Euskalduna Conference Centre in Bilbao. Grundium joins pathologists and scientists from all over the world to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ECP and share news on all aspects of diagnostic and molecular pathology.

Grundium Receives 1,95 Meur European Innovation Council Grant

Grundium OY, the Finland-based expert in digital imaging technologies received a near 2 Meur grant from the EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program. The funding enables Grundium to finalize the development, acquire certifications, conduct pilots with leading European hospitals and pathology labs and begin the commercialization phase of the Grundium Ocus, the world´s first portable and low-cost digital scanning microscope for clinical and research use.