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Unbeatable imaging systems for professional use

Are you looking for a camera solution for professional use?  For example, to locate victims stuck in collapsed buildings or caves? Or underwater imaging? We can design and build a cutting-edge multi-camera solution to be used in places wherever you want.

Cameras have an increasing amount of uses among various professions. They can assist in rescue missions or provide measurement data to construct 3D models. Imaging in its purest form takes its place in professional content creation – creating visually pleasing material for all to see.

Grundium’s experience in multi-camera technology is an unbeatable asset when designing imaging systems with multiple sensors for professional use. With us, you will quickly be updated about technical possibilities for your application, whatever they might be.

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Get to know about the technology and other applications: transportation, biotech and industry.


Application specific solutions

End-to-end solutions ranging from complex
hardware, to software and end user services

Victims stuck in collapsed buildings or caves? Grundium´s multi-camera solutions can work your specific rescue assignment
Do you want to record your whole performance for later examination?
Our imaging solutions for surveilance keep your property safe
Our advances imaging solutions are up to the task even when you need to map harsh places

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