Expedite your pathology consults with Ocus® scanners

Utilizing image sharing and remote collaboration have never been this easy

Ocus® — the best choice for fast second opinions

When it comes to second opinions in pathology, image quality is paramount — and Ocus scanners deliver the best in the business. But that's just the beginning. We listed a range of Ocus' excellent features designed to streamline your workflow.

Ocus40 digital slide scanner

1. Exceptional Image Quality

The Ocus® digital slide scanners have been specifically designed for remote pathology. Their high-resolution imaging capabilities ensure no detail is overlooked, making them invaluable tools for pathologists. The Ocus scanners stand out due to their unparalleled image quality.

The Ocus®40 captures intricate details with a remarkable 40x magnification, ensuring that every nuance of a sample is visible and clear. Such precision in imaging is crucial in pathology, where the minutest detail can be pivotal for a diagnosis. When it comes to delivering crisp, high-resolution images that pathologists can trust, the Ocus® scanners stand out.

See for yourself:

Kidney sample scanned with the Ocus40. Embedded from Pathozoom.

2. From a glass slide to digital image in a few minutes

The Ocus scanner sets a new standard for ease of use in digital scanners. Its browser-based interface is designed for quick, hassle-free scanning, requiring just a couple of clicks and minutes to achieve full magnification of your sample. This user-centric design ensures that you can get right to the heart of your work — analyzing samples — without the distraction of a complicated setup or interface.

Ocus user interface in a browser window

3. Effortless collaboration

When it comes to collaboration in the field of pathology, the Ocus scanner is genuinely in a league of its own. Offering an unparalleled range of options for sharing images, the Ocus scanners revolutionize how labs can seek second opinions. Imagine the convenience of sharing a high-resolution image over a video call with a colleague across the globe or emailing a JPEG snapshot captured through the Live View feature to a consulting pathologist.

But it doesn't stop there; the Ocus scanner takes collaboration to the next level by allowing you to grant remote access to trusted colleagues: they can log in from anywhere and view stored scans directly on the device. No other scanner on the market offers such a seamless, integrated approach to expert consultation and collaborative diagnosis.

And let's not forget the built-in 500GB storage server, a feature that mitigates the need for additional hardware. This means you can store hundreds of high-resolution images directly on the scanner itself. It's not just convenience; it's about streamlining your operations in a way that no other device can match. With the Ocus scanner, you're not just keeping up with the industry standards; you're setting new ones.

Remote consultations with Ocus scanners

4. Fits existing workflows

The Ocus scanner isn't just about top-notch imaging; it's about integrating into your existing workflows and elevating them to new heights. With support for the most widely used digital pathology file formats, .svs and .tiff, you can transfer images to network drives or upload them to specialized cloud services or digital pathology consultation services offered by your provider.

5. Revolutionary, compact design

The Ocus scanner's compact design, measuring just 7 inches in all dimensions and weighing a mere 7.7 lbs, makes it a versatile addition to any lab environment. Its small footprint not only allows for easy placement and relocation but also makes it a perfect fit for labs where space is at a premium.

Even better, you can conveniently place it right on your desk, saving you valuable time that can be better utilized in the consult process. Despite its compact size, the Ocus scanner delivers top-tier performance without requiring any vibration isolation tables or additional equipment, ensuring you get the best of both worlds — efficiency and functionality, without the bulk.

Hear it from our customers

“The device is BRILLIANT, and the scans are wonderful quality!”

– A pathologist at NHS, United Kingdom

“This scanner was one of the most impressive investments in the last two years serving as clinical pathologist in a big hospital.”

– A pathologist, Austria

“The Ocus20 is fantastic! In our experience so far I can report that it is very easy to use and the scanning is excellent quality.”

– A pathologist, Australia

"We have excellent images with the Ocus and I couldn’t be happier to have this little helper on my desk here.”

– A pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital

“It seems you really “get it” what we younger researchers want. Other scanners are bulky, slow, comes with 1000 pages of documentation and a requirement for yearly service. We don’t need that. This is not 1986.”

– A pathology professor, Sweden

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Grundium Ocus® scanners are CE marked according to EU 2017/746 regulation for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices. In the USA, Grundium Ocus® scanners are for research use only (RUO) and not for use in diagnostic procedures.