Host system/Cloud

A custom camera system often benefits from interface capabilities beyond those existing in standard machine vision cameras. A typical example is a wide-view, extreme resolution surveillance unit, which can recognize interesting objects already from inside the camera, and pass on information about the interesting image areas only. Adding a cloud element to the system allows many extensions, like storage and remote use over the internet.


Image sensor

Different applications require different sensors. With our expertise, you can count on using the best available solution for your application, whatever the design parameters. Some designs are more restricted in size or cost (or both), while others require ultimate performance, and/or, for example, global shutter pixels. Designs outside the visible wave bands are likewise possible.



Imaging starts with optics. Information, which is not optically projected onto a sensor, can’t be later recovered; thus, optics plays a crucial role and needs to be designed or selected to fit the application and the system.



The mechanical solution which directs the camera’s view to the subject, and possibly incorporates moving parts, for example the focusing, is often the vital component in a custom imaging system. It may be designed for features such as maximal stability, a special fixing structure, or a single frame may house several cameras pointing in different directions.



While some applications rely on the availability of ambient wavelengths, many benefit from purposefully designed lighting setup. Direction and quality of light is important for forming a good image: Some applications benefit from even pure white lighting, while others are best implemented with sharply directed light. Variations in lighting are infinite – thus a controlled light setup is best designed together with the imaging system.


Image processing

Many image processing functions greatly benefit from being implemented inside the camera, so with the source of the data. This also enables combining data from multiple parallel or overlaid sensors. In addition to creating visually pleasing color images from Bayer matrix image sensors, our capabilities include designing virtually any kind of specialized image processing and/or machine vision algorithms, and implementing those using SW or FPGA (HW).

Our cutting-edge camera solutions builds on advanced sensors, optics and optomechanics. All can be customized for your needs

The most optimal solution

An imaging system consists of a chain of components: Light is gathered and projected onto a sensor using optics. The image is digitized by the sensor, and the result gets turned into the desired state by the image processing functionality, which consists of hardware and software components.

Image processing algorithms perform image signal processing and control the camera functionality. The ‘weakest link’ analogy applies to virtually all imaging systems: The system is only as strong as its weakest link. Thus, for gaining the optimal solution, it makes sense to design an imaging system – from optics to interface – as one entity.


From small and affordable to extremely high-performing cameras

Modern imaging technology allows use of image sensors in numerous applications, which may be new or previously developed with other – possibly more complicated – technologies. Cameras may be made small and affordable, extremely high-performing or anything in between. As an imaging system provider, we specialize in complex cases using existing building blocks from the imaging industry; they often involve use of multiple image sensors and parts from many disciplines.


Multi-camera solutions for all needs

In the machine vision area, we have solved customer problems with reliability, mechanical compatibility and incorporating many cameras in a single system. In professional imaging, for mapping purposes, we have used mobile imaging technology to provide a portable, yet extremely high-performing system. We have cross-bred technologies from surveillance, scientific and mobile imaging to make professional microscopy smaller and more affordable. We have developed technology solutions for 360° and wide-field, high-resolution imaging on multiple wavebands – even solutions which can see through fog and rain during nighttime.

In addition to imaging design work, we can manufacture in small and medium volumes, or to get your higher volume product manufactured by suitable party. Our people have extensive experience of high volume electronics manufacturing and the necessary design requirements.

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