Processing frozen sections in Ukraine’s biggest pathology lab

Dr. Elena Koshyk, tells the story of how the Grundium Ocus microscope scanner helps them analyze frozen sections quickly at CSD Medical in Kyiv, Ukraine

CSD Medical Laboratory (CSD) is a large private laboratory that has been utilizing digital pathology for many years, using multi-slide scanners for various applications, including education, research, online consultations, and a global network of pathologists.

CSD provides state and private hospitals with a full spectrum of services, including frozen section examinations. Operating throughout Ukraine with long distances between the cities, CSD created mobile laboratory units in different regions of the country. Pathologists of mobile laboratories, evaluating frozen sections of a wide spectrum of entities, sometimes need a second opinion from an expert operating far away.

When CSD was looking for quick and efficient scanning solutions to get whole slide images of the best quality, the National distributor suggested trying the Grundium Ocus40 microscope scanner. The results of the quick trial met the expectations of pathologists, so CSD purchased the Grundium Ocus40 microscope scanner for everyday use.

Ocus scanner being used in a lab

The Ocus scanner is compact and robust, so it can be transferred easily and quickly between mobile units – wherever needed. Dr. Koshyk describes the first experience of working with the Ocus in mobile settings: “We had a patchy Wi-Fi that challenged the stable online connection of the Ocus. Once we realized this, we connected it through the wired Internet, and after that, everything ran very smoothly."

“CSD is the biggest pathology laboratory in Ukraine. We process more than 164,000 cases yearly, growing 15-20 % annually. We use the Grundium Ocus for the frozen sections every day, so digital pathology tools made us fast and close to the needs of our customers."

When asked about what it’s like to work in pathology, Dr. Koshyk says, “It's amazing to be a pathologist. I have my own world under the objective. I wish more medical students were determined to become pathologists. I believe my profession allows me to help people, and I am committed to doing this every day!"

About Grundium

A global leader in advanced imaging technology, Grundium makes digital pathology and best professional diagnosis available for all life – whether human, animal, plant or other. This is achieved by doing something that nobody else can: applying state-of-the-art mobile technology in digital pathology. Established in 2015 by ex-Nokia engineers, the Tampere-based company is democratizing digital pathology with the Ocus® microscope scanners. The cutting-edge imaging solutions are based on over 20 years of experience in optics, sensors and beautiful high-precision devices. Grundium serves various industries and businesses enhancing quality and processes, protecting human life and safeguarding a clean environment.