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Digital Pathology & Telemedicine

Telepathology and Remote Diagnosis

Kaushal, R. K., Yadav, S., Sahay, A., Karnik, N., Agrawal, T., Dave, V., Singh, N., Shah, A., & Desai, S. B. (2023).
Validation of Remote Digital Pathology based diagnostic reporting of Frozen Sections from home. 
Journal of pathology informatics, 14, 100312.

Silas, O. A., Abdulkareem, F., Novo, J. E., Zheng, Y., Nannini, D. R., Gursel, D. B., Anorlu, R., Musa, J., Wehbe, F. H., Sagay, A. S., Ogunsola, F. T., Murphy, R. L., Hou, L., & Wei, J. J. (2022).
Telepathology in Nigeria for Global Health Collaboration. 
Annals of global health, 88(1), 81.

Kaushal, R. K., Rajaganesan, S., Rao, V., Sali, A., More, B., & Desai, S. B. (2021).
Validation of a Portable Whole-Slide Imaging System for Frozen Section Diagnosis.
Journal of pathology informatics, 12, 33.

Stegmüller, T., Abbet, C., Bozorgtabar, B., Clarke, H., Petignat, P., Vassilakos, P., & Thiran, J. (2023).
Self-supervised learning-based cervical cytology for the triage of HPV-positive women in resource-limited settings and low-data regime.

Vassilakos, P., Clarke, H., Murtas, M., Stegmüller, T., Wisniak, A., Akhoundova, F., Sando, Z., Orock, G. E., Sormani, J., Thiran, J. P., & Petignat, P. (2023).
Telecytologic diagnosis of cervical smears for triage of self-sampled human papillomavirus-positive women in a resource-limited setting: concept development before implementation.
Journal of the American Society of Cytopathology, 12(3), 170–180.

Holmström, O., Linder, N., Kaingu, H. et al.
Point-of-Care Digital Cytology With Artificial Intelligence for Cervical Cancer Screening in a Resource-Limited Setting.
JAMA Netw Open., 2021;4(3):e211740.

Gruber-Mösenbacher, U., Katzell, L., McNeely, M., Neier, E., Jean, B., Kuran, A., & Chamala, S. (2021).
Digital Pathology in Cameroon.
JCO global oncology, 7, 1380–1389.

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Zhang, Q., Fei, L., Han, R., Huang, R., Wang, Y., Chen, H., Yao, B., Qiao, N., Wang, Z., Ma, Z., Ye, Z., Zhang, Y., Wang, W., Wang, Y., Kong, L., Shou, X., Cao, X., Zhou, X., Shen, M., Cheng, H., … Zhao, Y. (2022).
Single-cell transcriptome reveals cellular hierarchies and guides p-EMT-targeted trial in skull base chordoma. 
Cell discovery, 8(1), 94.

Zhang, Q., Yao, B., Long, X., Chen, Z., He, M., Wu, Y., Qiao, N., Ma, Z., Ye, Z., Zhang, Y., Yao, S., Wang, Y., Cheng, H., Chen, H., Ye, H., Wang, Y., Li, Y., Chen, J., Zhang, Z., Guo, F., … Zhao, Y. (2023).
Single-cell sequencing identifies differentiation-related markers for molecular classification and recurrence prediction of PitNET. 
Cell reports. Medicine, 4(2), 100934.

Salzmann, M., Platzer, H., Mussbacher, M., Derler, M., Lenz, M., Haider, P., Brekalo, M., Kral-Pointner, J. B., Kastl, S., Speidl, W. S., Preissner, K. T., Schubert, U., Bischoff, M., Uhrin, P., Wojta, J., & Hohensinner, P. J. (2023).
Staphylococcus aureus extracellular adherence protein (Eap) reduces immune cell phenotype in developing but not in established atherosclerotic lesions. 
Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular basis of disease, 1869(3), 166616.

Dwivedi, N., Mazumder, T., Veeraraghavan, G., Siva, R., PK, S., Ranade, R., ... & Dhar, S. K. (2023).
In vitro and in vivo evidences propound therapeutic potential of Lipocalin 2 in cervical carcinoma. 
bioRxiv, 2023-01.

Yang, H., Sun, B., Fan, L., Ma, W., Xu, K., Hall, S. R. R., Wang, Z., Schmid, R. A., Peng, R. W., Marti, T. M., Gao, W., Xu, J., Yang, W., & Yao, F. (2022).
Multi-scale integrative analyses identify THBS2+ cancer-associated fibroblasts as a key orchestrator promoting aggressiveness in early-stage lung adenocarcinoma.
Theranostics, 12(7), 3104–3130.

Su, W., Wu, S., Yang, Y. et al.
Phosphorylation of 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 13 at serine 33 attenuates nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in mice. 
Nat Commun 13, 6577 (2022).

Binothman, N., Aljadani, M., Alghanem, B., Refai, M. Y., Rashid, M., Al Tuwaijri, A., Alsubhi, N. H., Alrefaei, G. I., Khan, M. Y., Sonbul, S. N., Aljoud, F., Alhayyani, S., Abdulal, R. H., Ganash, M., & Hashem, A. M. (2023).
Identification of novel interacts partners of ADAR1 enzyme mediating the oncogenic process in aggressive breast cancer. 
Scientific reports, 13(1), 8341.

Guo, Q., Xiao, X., & Zhang, J. (2021).
MYD88 Is a Potential Prognostic Gene and Immune Signature of Tumor Microenvironment for Gliomas.
Frontiers in oncology, 11, 654388.

Ma, J., Xiong, F., Li, Z., Dong, G., Sun, X., Yin, W., & Cai, H. (2023).
The effect of chronic alcohol exposure on spatial memory and BDNF-TrkB- PLCγ1 signaling in the hippocampus of male and female mice. 
Heliyon, 9(6), e16660.

Pathophysiology & Clinical conditions

Cai, H., Xiao, Y., Chen, S., Lu, Y., Du, J., You, Y., Zhu, J., Zhou, J., Cai, W., & Wang, Y. (2023).
Heterozygous Actg2R257C mice mimic the phenotype of megacystis microcolon intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome.
Neurogastroenterology and motility, 35(1), e14472.

Morozov, D., Parvin, N., Conaway, M., Oxley, G., Baldelomar, E. J., Cwiek, A., deRonde, K., Beeman, S. C., Charlton, J. R., & Bennett, K. M. (2022).
Estimating Nephron Number from Biopsies: Impact on Clinical Studies. 
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN, 33(1), 39–48.

Ceausu, A. R., Ciolofan, A., Blidisel, A., Cosma, A. A., Gaje, P. N., & Cretu, O. (2023).
Chloride Intracellular Channel Protein 1 Expression and Angiogenic Profile of Liver Metastasis of Digestive Origin. 
Current issues in molecular biology, 45(2), 1396–1406.

Barb, A. C., Pasca Fenesan, M., Pirtea, M., Margan, M. M., Tomescu, L., Melnic, E., & Cimpean, A. M. (2023).
Tertiary Lymphoid Structures (TLSs) and Stromal Blood Vessels Have Significant and Heterogeneous Impact on Recurrence, Lymphovascular and Perineural Invasion amongst Breast Cancer Molecular Subtypes. 
Cells, 12(8), 1176.

Gatto, R. G., Carlos, A. F., Reichard, R. R., Lowe, V. J., Whitwell, J. L., & Josephs, K. A. (2023).
Comparative assessment of regional tau distribution by Tau-PET and Post-mortem neuropathology in a representative set of Alzheimer's & frontotemporal lobar degeneration patients. 
PloS one, 18(5), e0284182.

Stålhammar, G., Gill, V.T.
Digital morphometry and cluster analysis identifies four types of melanocyte during uveal melanoma progression.
Commun Med 3, 60 (2023).

Herrspiegel, C., Plastino, F., Lardner, E., Seregard, S., Williams, P. A., André, H., & Stålhammar, G. (2023).
A serum protein signature at the time of Uveal Melanoma diagnosis predicts long-term patient survival. 
BMC cancer, 23(1), 277.

Boia, E. R., Boia, S., Ceausu, R. A., Gaje, P. N., Maaroufi, S. M., Sandru, F., & Raica, M. (2023).
The Follicular Dendritic Cells and HPV 18 Interrelation in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the Larynx. 
Medicina (Kaunas, Lithuania), 59(6), 1072.

Yilmaz, E. N., Albrecht, S., Groll, K., Thomas, C., Wallhorn, L., Herold, M., Hucke, S., Klotz, L., & Kuhlmann, T. (2023).
Influx of T cells into corpus callosum increases axonal injury, but does not change the course of remyelination in toxic demyelination.
Glia, 71(4), 991–1001.

Zhang, F., Zhang, Q., Zhu, J., Yao, B., Ma, C., Qiao, N., He, S., Ye, Z., Wang, Y., Han, R., Feng, J., Wang, Y., Qin, Z., Ma, Z., Li, K., Zhang, Y., Tian, S., Chen, Z., Tan, S., Wu, Y., … Zhao, Y. (2022).
Integrated proteogenomic characterization across major histological types of pituitary neuroendocrine tumors. 
Cell research, 32(12), 1047–1067.

Stegmüller, T., Abbet, C., Bozorgtabar, B., Clarke, H., Petignat, P., Vassilakos, P., & Thiran, J. (2023).
Self-supervised learning-based cervical cytology for the triage of HPV-positive women in resource-limited settings and low-data regime.

Jia, Y., Luo, J., Lan, Y., Li, C., Ma, L., Zhu, X., Ruan, F., & Zhou, J. (2021).
Label-free proteomics uncovers SMC1A expression is Down-regulated in AUB-E. 
Reproductive biology and endocrinology : RB&E, 19(1), 35.
Poster at 10082020-023250

Cwiek, A., Suzuki, M., deRonde, K., Conaway, M., Bennett, K. M., El Dahr, S., Reidy, K. J., & Charlton, J. R. (2021).
Premature differentiation of nephron progenitor cell and dysregulation of gene pathways critical to kidney development in a model of preterm birth.
Scientific reports, 11(1), 21667.

Patel, A., Balis, U., Cheng, J., Li, Z., Lujan, G., McClintock, D. S., Pantanowitz, L., & Parwani, A. (2021).
Contemporary Whole Slide Imaging Devices and Their Applications within the Modern Pathology Department: A Selected Hardware Review.
Journal of pathology informatics, 12, 50.

Zhang, M., Zhang, H., Fu, M., Zhang, J., Zhang, C., Lv, Y., Fan, F., Zhang, J., Xu, H., Ye, D., Yang, H., Hua, W., & Mao, Y. (2021).
The Inhibition of B7H3 by 2-HG Accumulation Is Associated With Downregulation of VEGFA in IDH Mutated Gliomas.
Frontiers in cell and developmental biology, 9, 670145.

Fei, W., Zhao, Y., Wu, X. et al.
Nucleoside transporter-guided cytarabine-conjugated liposomes for intracellular methotrexate delivery and cooperative choriocarcinoma therapy.
J Nanobiotechnol 19, 184 (2021).

Guo, F., Zheng, X., He, Z., Zhang, R., Zhang, S., Wang, M., Chen, H., & Wang, W. (2021).
Nimodipine Promotes Functional Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury in Rats.
Frontiers in pharmacology, 12, 733420.

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