THE OCUS® microscope slide scanners

Whether you need a reliable imaging component for a system of networked clinics or if you just need to make scanning slides effortless in your lab, Grundium has a solution for you. Small, fast and sharp, an Ocus® digital microscope scanner is a powerful tool, helping medical professionals around the world provide their patients a professional diagnosis quicker.

Ocus® 20

The Grundium Ocus® 20 redefines the standards of digital microscopy, offering a revolutionary tool for pathologists, researchers, and educators. Engineered with precision and ease of use in mind, the Ocus® 20 is the perfect blend of quality, affordability, and performance.

The Ocus®20 is not just a microscope slide scanner; it is a gateway to a new era of digital diagnostics, where clarity and detail are paramount.
Grundium Ocus®40 microscope slide scanner

Ocus® 40

With its standout feature of 40x magnification, the Ocus® 40 offers an extraordinary level of detail in every scan, bringing the microscopic world into clearer focus than ever before.

Designed for both accessibility and high performance, the Ocus® 40 combines quality, affordability, and user-friendliness. This level of magnification unlocks new possibilities in digital pathology, allowing for in-depth analysis and interpretation of samples with unparalleled clarity.
Ocus®40 digital microscope scanner

OCUS® M 40

Coming soon...
Introducing the all new Ocus M 40, the innovative next step in the Ocus scanner lineage. This advanced model enhances your scanning capabilities with a four-slide removable tray, an upgraded processor for heightened performance, and an expansive 2TB storage capacity.

Moreover, the Ocus M elevates the aesthetic and functional aspects with its sleeker design and a thoroughly redesigned interface that prioritizes ease of use.
Our new Ocus M 40 digital microscope scanner blurred - coming soon
Each Ocus® pathology microscope is adept at a wide range of pathology tasks. For guidance on which Ocus® model aligns best with your needs and workflow, reach out to us!
The Grundium Ocus® microscope slide scanners are designed and built to remove the entry barrier to remote pathology. The Ocus® series whole slide scanners and our browser-based user interface are very easy to use – anyone can learn to use them in just fifteen minutes. The Ocus® scanners boast highly competitive scan times, and sharing scanned images, for example, to a colleague for a second opinion, can be done in multiple ways within minutes.

Forget the costly and time-consuming process of shipping slides or traveling to different locations to view the slides, let alone waiting for the samples at the site. Using Ocus® scanners, you can access crystal-clear digital images of the samples at any time that is suitable for you, regardless of your location, using any computer you are already using for your work.

Step into the digital era of pathology with the Ocus® scanners.

What our customers say

... a disruptive solution that would put a scanning microscope on every pathologist's table and in every operating room, thus eliminating the location restrictions related to current stationary scanners. It will have a huge effect on improving pathology workflows here in the USA and globally.
Yukako Yagi

DR. Yukako Yagi

Digital Pathology Engineer
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, USA
The Philips IntelliSite Digital Pathology Solution has the capabilities to upload, view and annotate the images produced from the Grundium scanner. Zooming and panning is really fast, even when the images are physically stored on a server in the Netherlands and I’m viewing the images from a workstation in Sweden.

Fabio Papadia

Business Development Manager Nordics,
Digital and Computational Pathology
With the Grundium Ocus enabled telepathology we can provide better service to our customers, the hospitals. For the hospitals the process doesn’t change, but they benefit from Fimlab working faster and more accurately with digital pathology.
Teppo Haapaniemi, Medical Cell Biologist, Fimlab

Teppo Haapaniemi

Medical Cell Biologist, Pathology
Not only has Grundium created something unique in the market with your beautifully designed small-footprint scanner, but you also have a super technical team that can work really close together to make the whole solution seamless and is willing to invest themselves in making something new. It’s super unique in the world to have everything from the region of interest, focus layers, depth of field and the whole experience totally integrated.

Ben Cahoon

Techcyte Inc.
The Ocus scanner is small and produces very sharp images fast. It is a vital instrument in field use in organ procurement. Its unparalleled portability helps save lives.

W. Scott Rombach

Specialist Direct, Inc.
We have excellent images with the Ocus and I couldn’t be happier to have this little helper on my desk here. I use it mainly as a microscope, to be honest, but of course, scan my slides as well. It has really helped me so much.

Julia Cara Thierauf

Research Fellow in Pathology (EXT)
Massachusetts General Hospital

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