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At Grundium, we're pioneering the future of digital pathology with our state-of-the-art digital microscope scanners. Whether your queries are about strategic partnerships, product insights, corporate inquiries, or you simply wish to share your thoughts and ideas, our team is here to listen and engage.

Grundium Headquarters

Grundium Oy
Saavutustenkatu 3
33720 Tampere

Our headquarters and production facilities are located in Western Finland, in the city of Tampere. We are easily reached by a 1,5-hour train ride from the international airport of Helsinki. 
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Grundium Office

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Meet our team

Mika Kuisma, CEO

Mika Kuisma

New business
Janne Haavisto, CTO

Janne Haavisto

Technology and Manufacturing
Kimmo Alanen, VP of Software

Kimmo Alanen

VP of Software
System integration
Joshua Griffith, VP, General Manager, Grundium USA

Joshua Griffith

VP, General Manager
Grundium USA
Davide D'Incau, Sales Director

Davide D'Incau

Sales Director
Sales, new business
Pavel Laitinen, Head of Finance and Supply Chain

Pavel Laitinen

Head of Finance and Supply chain
Sourcing, manufacturing
Pasi Syvänen, Head of Engineering

Pasi Syvänen

Head of Engineering
Key Accounts
Sanna Pitkänen, QA/RA Director

Sanna Pitkänen

QA/RA Director
Quality and Regulatory Affairs
Päivi Tainio, HR Manager

Päivi Tainio

HR Manager
Human Resources, Recruiting
Tuomo Lampela, Marketing Communications Manager

Tuomo Lampela

Marketing Communications Manager
Marketing & Communications
Sirpa Immonen, Office Manager

Sirpa Immonen

Office Manager
Office management &
internal comms