Our Story: The Grundium Journey

Welcome to the heart of Grundium, where innovation meets passion in the realm of digital pathology. Dive into our story, from humble beginnings to becoming a leader in digital microscopy solutions.

The Genesis of Grundium

Grundium emerged from the collective vision of experts who honed their skills at Nokia Mobile Phones, bringing with them a legacy of excellence in digital imaging and connectivity. Founded on the premise of democratizing digital pathology, Grundium set out to develop technologies that are accessible, user-friendly, and cost-effective. Our mission was clear: to bridge the technological divide in pathology, making advanced diagnostics available to all.
Grundium's founders Kimmo Alanen, Mika Kuisma, and Janne Haavisto

Grundium founders Kimmo Alanen, Mika Kuisma, and Janne Haavisto

The first commercial version of Ocus® scanner, published in 2018

The Journey of Innovation

From the outset, Grundium focused on crafting solutions that address the key challenges in digital pathology. The development of our Ocus scanners was driven by the need for devices that combined high-resolution imaging with simplicity and affordability. This led to the creation of the the first Ocus® model, published in 2018.

Building on this foundation, Grundium has remained committed to constant research and development, closely listening to the feedback of our customers. This dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has resulted in the development of more sophisticated and refined devices, such as the Ocus®20 and Ocus®40.

Continuous evolution

Our focus on research and development, along with our responsiveness to customer feedback, puts us at the forefront of the industry. We are not only keeping pace with technological advancements but also striving to set new standards, ensuring that our future products will continue to revolutionize the sector and provide unparalleled value to professionals worldwide.

By integrating user insights and pushing the boundaries of technology, we continue to evolve our offerings. Looking ahead, Grundium is motivated to advance digital pathology further with innovative solutions on the horizon.
Slide stage of the new Ocus® M40 digital slide scanner

Important milestones


October 2015

Grundium is established by ex-Nokia technology development directors with more than 20-years of experience in optics, sensors and developing HW/SW for manufacturing.


Grundium secured a sizeable venture capital investment. The funding helped fast forward marketing and the early commercialization.

EARLY 2018

The first prototypes were built and distributed for test use and feedback around key digital pathology labs in Europe, North America and Asia. Experts were heard and the product was updated and improved.

LATE 2018

The first commercial devices were delivered.


Grundium toured trade shows, conferences and other events extensively showing the small, beautiful and powerful device, which had been given the name Ocus®.


Grundium launched a second scanner model with a higher 40x magnification, the Grundium Ocus®40. In September the same year, Grundium expanded from human pathology into veterinary diagnosis together with Zoetis.

MARCH 2021

Grundium manufactures its 1000th microscope scanner.

MAY 2021

The third model in the Ocus series, the Ocus®20, is launched. The Ocus®20 is optimized for fast scanning speed and a high depth of field, making it especially suitable for tissue pathology in e.g. cancer treatment and research.


Grundium's new headquarters with offices and larger manufacturing facilities is finished in Tampere, Finland.

JUNE 2023

Grundium USA is established.
Joshua Griffith is appointed as head of US operations.

EARLY 2024

Grundium signs a distribution agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific in the US. Four regional sales directors are hired to expand the U.S. team.

Grundium headquarters

Our headquarters in Tampere, Finland, serves as the cornerstone of our operations, housing a dedicated team of over 80 professionals spanning all functions, from research and development to manufacturing and assembly. The facility was finished in December 2022 and increased our production capabilities significantly.
Grundium Headquarters in Tampere, Finland
Office spaces at Grundium Headquarters
Grundium staff on a coffee break
Grundium employee in a phone call


At Grundium, our operations are aligned with the highest international standards to ensure quality and excellence in every aspect of our work. From the initial stages of research and development to our customer service, we are devoted to upholding the integrity and reliability that our customers expect from a leader in IVD medical device manufacturing.
ISO 13485 Standard Certification


Holding the ISO 13485:2016 certification, Grundium demonstrates a rigorous commitment to quality management tailored explicitly for designing, installing, and maintaining IVD medical devices. This certification, a significant mark of trust, is a product of our stringent adherence to the industry standards audited by Lloyd's Register.

The certification proves our operational excellence in developing, producing, marketing, and selling digital microscopy products. We establish a framework that prioritizes continuous improvement, risk management, and consistent design and development processes through this. It's not just about meeting expectations but exceeding them and providing products and services that practitioners can rely on for precise diagnostics and research. Our ISO 13485:2016 certification is more than a credential; it's a cornerstone of our promise to deliver reliability, safety, and quality to our customers.


Grundium’s technology stems from decades of experience and expertise uniquely suited for developing and manufacturing small well-designed high-precision electronic imaging devices. These patents in imaging technology, optics and design are a testament to this knowhow.

US 10,564,408

US D872,789

US 106,628,698

US 10,341,551 B1

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