A picture is worth a thousand words, but video speaks volumes. Here you will find the latest video content on the Ocus® series microscope scanners, discover what they’re all about, explore their most important features and learn how to use them.


  • Overview of the Grundium Ocus®40

    The Grundium Ocus®40 is the most practical and versatile microscope scanner in the world. This overview video shows you the features and details.

  • Introduction to Ocus® Scanners

    The Grundium Ocus scanners make the best professional diagnosis available for all life. The Ocus is a precision tool, small and affordable enough to be on every medical professional’s desk.

  • Grundium Ocus® User Interface

    Anybody can be trained to use an Ocus scanner in just 15 minutes. This video shows you how with an overview of the intuitive and clear web-based user interface.

  • Unboxing the Grundium Ocus®40

    The Grundium Ocus®40 comes with everything you need to start scanning. Here's a detailed look into what all that is and what you get with your purchase.


  • First setup of the Grundium Ocus®

    Here's how to set up a Grundium Ocus® microscope scanner. We will walk you through the first steps, show you where to find the settings and help you get started.

  • Registering the Ocus® on wifi/WLAN

    If you're not using a cable/Ethernet internet connection, here's a guide into the steps on how to connect and register the Grundium Ocus40 microscope scanner over wifi/WLAN.

  • Changing to wireless connection

    If you have set up your Ocus® scanner on a cable/Ethernet connection but want to switch over to a wifi/WLAN connection, this video shows you what to do.

  • Scanning a slide on the Ocus®

    When your Grundium Ocus® is set up and you're ready to start working, here's a simple guide into what you need to know to start scanning slides, every step of the way.

  • Live viewing a slide on the Ocus®

    The Live View feature is useful for examining a slide in real time. In this video we show you how to use the Live view on the Grundium web-based user interface.

  • Exporting images on the Ocus®

    You can easily share scanned images on your Grundium Ocus® scanner. This video shows you how to use the export function for collaboration, second opinion or educational purposes.

  • Using the annotation tool

    This video shows you how you can use the Ocus user interface to make online collaboration easy. Follow these instructions to insert markings and leave comments on selected areas of interest in a scanned sample.

  • Cleaning the stage of an Ocus® scanner

    From time to time dust gathers up on the glass of the slide. Here's how you can easily clean the surface of the stage.

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With the Grundium Ocus enabled telepathology we can provide better service to our customers, the hospitals. For the hospitals the process doesn’t change, but they benefit from Fimlab working faster and more accurately with digital pathology.
— Teppo Haapaniemi
Fimlab Ltd. 
Specializing Medical Cell Biologist, Pathology