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Redefining excellence in digital microscopy


Trusted by specialists across pathology, laboratory sciences, research, and education, Ocus® microscope slide scanners offer an unmatched combination of image quality, ease of use, and affordability. Elevate the standard of your histology and cytology examinations, ensuring precision and consistent reliability.

Forget the costly and time-consuming process of shipping slides or traveling to different locations to view the slides, let alone waiting for the samples at the site. Using Ocus® scanners, you can access crystal-clear digital images of the samples at any given time suitable for you, regardless of your location, using any computer you are already using for your work. 
Experience the future of pathology with Grundium Ocus® microscope slide scanners.

Improve your intraoperative frozen section workflow with Ocus®20

Are you tired of wasting your valuable time traveling between locations or waiting near the operating room for the samples? Would you prefer to be able to get a second opinion from your colleague in challenging cases even intraoperatively?


Want to say goodbye to the cumbersome process of mailing slides or waiting for courier services?

With an Ocus® scanner at their fingertips, our customers instantly share high-resolution images with colleagues for consults, regardless of their geographical location.

Excellent solution for research and educational environments

Ocus scanners allow detailed observation and analysis of specimens. This is crucial in both research, where precision is key, and education, where clear visuals aid learning.

Grundium Ocus digital microscope scanners enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and quality of microscopic studies in both research and educational environments.

Why choose the Ocus® scanners?

High quality images

High-quality imaging

Ocus microscope slide scanners are engineered to capture the finest details with exceptional clarity.

Our advanced imaging technology ensures that you get high-resolution images across a wide variety of sample types, empowering you to make critical observations and discoveries with confidence.
Exceptional ease of use


Ocus's intuitive web-based software and streamlined workflow make scanning, viewing, and sharing slides a breeze.

Whether you're a digital pathology expert or a beginner, Ocus® empowers you to focus on your work, not the equipment.
Low investment, high value


Ocus® microscope slide scanners offer an unmatched combination of affordability and value.

Every aspect of Ocus® products were designed to minimize total cost of ownership without sacrificing quality, ensuring you allocate your resources where they matter most.

The OCus® scanners

Grundium Ocus®20 microscope slide scanner

Ocus® 20

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The Ocus®20 combines 20x magnification with unparalleled ease of use and affordability, setting a new standard in digital microscopy. It delivers crisp, detailed images for thorough sample examination. Its standout feature is not just the magnification, but the perfect balance of image quality and scan speed, which makes it especially suitable for histopathology and intraoperative procedures.
Grundium Ocus®40 microscope slide scanner

Ocus® 40

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Engineered for superior performance, the Ocus®40 blends high-resolution imaging with cost-effectiveness and operational simplicity. Its 40x magnification enhances digital pathology, facilitating detailed sample analysis with remarkable precision and clarity. This model stands out by making advanced diagnostics accessible, without sacrificing quality or user experience.
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NEW: Ocus® M 40

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Introducing the all-new Ocus® M 40, the innovative next step in our scanner lineup. This next-generation device leverages the familiar form factor and the compact design of previous Ocus® devices, while delivering higher throughput with its four-slide capacity and more powerful and refined technology. The redesigned user interface and new, advanced features enhance the Ocus® user experience.

Want to see the Ocus® scanners in action?

We'll gladly show you in an online demo!
A Grundium expert will arrange a 30-minute session tailored to your schedule. During the demo, we'll discuss the best Ocus® scanner for your needs, introduce you to our pricing, share user stories, and guide you on enhancing your lab's digital pathology journey.
Ocus scanner held in hand

digital pathology scanners redefined

The Grundium Ocus® microscope scanners are exceptionally small in size and weight, and their patented imaging system takes incredibly sharp and clear images. Power it up, connect it to the internet and you're ready to start scanning. The user interface is browser-based and no proprietary software is needed, which means you can use it with almost any computer you already have – just a modern browser is needed. No processing power from the used device is required, as all the processing is done on the scanner's onboard computer.

The scanned images can be exported and shared instantly in most common digital pathology file formats in multiple ways. The Ocus® scanners also function as slide servers, thanks to the internal storage space and the capability to set up secure remote access.


A whole slide scanner and a digital microscope scanner refer to the same device, offering advanced capabilities beyond conventional microscopy. These scanners enable the digitization of entire microscope slides, providing high-resolution images that can be viewed, analyzed, and shared digitally. Unlike traditional microscopy, they eliminate the need for physical slides and allow for remote access to slides and collaboration among researchers. With improved efficiency, precise image capturing, and the ability to store and retrieve vast amounts of data, whole slide and digital microscope scanners revolutionize the field of microscopy, facilitating research, education, and diagnostic processes.