Work at Grundium

Grundium is recruiting!

Grundium is growing at a healthy rate and we’re looking to hire more talented people to join our team of experts. If you have an education and/or background in software/embedded design, electronics HW/mechanics, optics, biomedicine, electronics manufacturing/assembly, or if you’re generally interested in a career in an awesome business with a great employer, we would love to hear from you – send us an email to

Grundium as an employer

This company is built from a desire to make life better for others by creating something that wasn’t there before. The drive to push innovation forward, the resilience to keep finding and testing new solutions, and the passion for continuous improvement in everything are qualities we’re looking for in new coworkers, too.

That we’re striving to help medical professionals around the world do their work better impacts all work and every position at Grundium. This luxury of doing something truly meaningful is a great foundation to our group spirit and work wellbeing.

Open positions

Below is a list of our currently open positions. We’re hiring for these positions in multiple channels, and if you see a job opening, you should apply right away. Every open position will be filled as soon as we’ve found the right person. That said, if you think you have something to offer Grundium and you’re interested in working here, please send your open application and CV to!

Grundium would ideally like you to have an EU work permit, just to make hiring fast.