Zoetis & Grundium: An example of telepathology & Artificial Intelligence in remote imaging at satellite clinics


The small footprint but high resolution Grundium Ocus®40 is the chosen imaging component in Zoetis’ network of digital pathology service. The system reduces the time of cats’ and dogs’ diagnosis from days or even weeks to only minutes. This is tomorrow’s distributed digital pathology service today.


Zoetis is the world leader in animal health, covering over 100 countries with their products and services. Zoetis provides independent clinics all over the world with veterinary telepathology services, such as the VetScan Imagyst, launched in September 2020: https://www.vetscanimagyst.com/.

Partnering with Techcyte, a technology specialist in AI-powered digital diagnostic testing, Zoetis created the VetScan Imagyst, an automated parasite detection system helping veterinarians make accurate and timely intestinal parasitic diagnoses for cats and dogs. In October 2021, Zoetis launched a cytology service to enable the fast and minimally invasive diagnosis of cancer, infection, inflammation, and more. This is the second step in their plan to grow the VetScan Imagyst into a global veterinary pathology diagnostics platform.

“We are excited to build on the incredible momentum that began with the AI fecal analysis launch. Vetscan Imagyst has been a significant part of the Zoetis portfolio and continues to evolve to meet diagnostic needs in practices around the world. The unique multi-purpose technology has added immense value to veterinary clinics, facilitating fast, more accurate results, leading to quicker diagnoses and decisions that ultimately strengthen the bond of trust between veterinarians and their clients.”

Lisa Lee, Senior VP and Head of Global Diagnostics, Zoetis

How it works

A participating veterinary clinic receives a Grundium Ocus®40 slide scanner and a sampling kit. When a cat or dog arrives, a sample is prepared on a glass slide. Instead of sending the slides to a laboratory for analysis, they are inserted into the Ocus®40 scanner, and the scanned images are processed by a deep-learning AI algorithm to detect and count potential parasites. This telepathology approach delivers test results in 10-15 minutes, depending on network speed.

Cytology samples—cells from blood, internal organs, or bodily fluids—are examined via telepathology by expert clinical pathologists online. With this method, clinical pathology reviews for cytology samples provide results within hours. The innovative telepathology process enables unprecedented speed in reaching a diagnosis for both tests.

The benefits 

In the case of VetScan Imagyst, the greatest benefit of the Ocus®40 is eliminating unnecessary logistics involving personnel and physical slides. Previously, a pathologist had to be present on-site to detect and count parasites or the sample had to be shipped to the nearest expert. Telepathology now streamlines this entire diagnostic process, saving valuable time.

The ability to obtain results in minutes through telepathology translates to quicker diagnoses and treatment. This significantly reduces the time a pet is left in discomfort or uncertainty, which means fewer vet visits for further sampling or analysis. Instead of waiting days or weeks for results, veterinarians can prescribe the right medication and treatment almost immediately, reducing stress and anxiety for the pet.

For owners, the shortened waiting period provides peace of mind. They don't have to endure extended periods of uncertainty about their pet's health, which could otherwise cause significant emotional strain. The quick diagnostic turnaround reassures owners that their pets are receiving appropriate care quickly, while also minimizing the financial burden of multiple visits or prolonged treatments.

Moreover, with telepathology, scanned images can easily be shared online with other pathology experts for a second opinion, further ensuring diagnostic accuracy and allowing owners to have greater confidence in the treatment plan. This collaborative, efficient system makes it easier for both pets and owners to navigate the challenges of illness with less stress and anxiety.

Grundium Ocus digital slide scanners are an afforable way to go into telepathology

Designed for telepathology

At Grundium, we redefine excellence in digital microscopy with the cutting-edge Ocus® whole slide scanners. Our focus is on delivering unmatched quality, simplicity, and affordability to meet your imaging needs.

Our Ocus microscope slide scanners are engineered to capture high-quality images with exceptional clarity, ensuring precise and high-resolution observations across various sample types. With user-friendliness in mind, our intuitive web-based software and streamlined workflow make scanning, viewing, and sharing slides effortless, empowering both experts and beginners to focus on their work. We prioritize affordability without compromising value, offering microscope slide scanners that minimize the total cost of ownership while maintaining quality.

Designed for adaptability, Ocus scanners cater to a wide range of needs in histology, cytology, and beyond, providing impeccable results and support in research, medical procedures, and more. Wherever your journey takes you, Ocus slide scanners deliver consistent precision and adapt to your evolving requirements.

Grundium Ocus® whole slide scanner

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