Telepathology With No Strings Attached With Ocus Scanners


How does the Grundium Ocus® remove the entry barrier to going digital?

Telepathology, the practice of sharing pathology images for remote diagnosis, is revolutionizing medical practice by enabling pathologists to work from any location. Grundium's Ocus® scanners are at the forefront of this transformation, offering a seamless transition from traditional microscopy to digital pathology.

How Does the Grundium Ocus® Remove the Entry Barrier to Going Digital?

Transitioning from conventional light microscopes to digital pathology can seem daunting. Many digital systems are cumbersome, come with proprietary software, and require changes to hospital workflows. Big changes are usually unwelcome, especially when resources and people are already scarce. Grundium's Ocus® makes professional digital pathology accessible to all, here’s how:

Fits Any Workflow

The Grundium Ocus® series scanners integrate seamlessly with any workflow model and laboratory system, supporting common file formats like .svs and .tiff. Its browser-based software works on any system, and there are no annual/monthly fees or hidden costs. Grundium's APIs also allow for AI integration, enhancing diagnostic capabilities in telepathology.

Works with almost any computer or tablet

The Ocus® user interface is fully web-based, meaning it can be used on any device with an internet connection and a web browser. Grundium supports all major browsers, and the Ocus® is particularly intuitive on touchscreen devices like tablets, where zooming and navigating the slides are done with simple gestures. The Ocus® can connect via WLAN/wifi network or mobile hotspot when an ethernet connection isn't available, making it ideal for telepathology.

Simple and Fast Setup

Setting up the Grundium Ocus® microscope scanners is straightforward. Unlike large multislide scanners that require specific conditions, the Ocus® has a compact footprint of 20 x 20 x 20 cm (8” x 8” x 8”), making it easy to place anywhere, even next to a cryostat. The process to examine a slide is quick and efficient:

  1. Insert the slide
  2. Set up the scan (10 seconds)
  3. Scan the slide (2 minutes)
  4. View the image on your computer

Intuitive to Use

Scanning a slide with the Ocus® requires only 15 minutes of training. Expert pathologists can then access the scanned images from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection and a web browser. This flexibility is a key advantage in telepathology, enabling pathologists to handle more cases without being physically present.

Remote Operation

The Grundium Ocus® functions like a web server. Pathologists log into the Ocus® software through their browser to remotely operate the scanner and examine slides. The Remote Live View feature is particularly useful for rapid onsite evaluations, embodying the essence of telepathology by facilitating real-time, remote diagnostics.

Sharing the View

The Ocus® scanner allows pathologists to share control with multiple users, enabling simultaneous collaboration on the same slide. This feature is invaluable for educational purposes, group work, and obtaining second opinions quickly and efficiently.

The Grundium Ocus® Advantage

The Grundium Ocus® scanners make digital pathology simple and accessible. Their excellent quality-to-price ratio makes them attainable for virtually any pathology establishment, eliminating the need for a complex procurement process. The Ocus® scanners are ideal for hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, and pathology service providers, as well as for individual pathologists as personal scanners.


Grundium's Ocus® personal slide scanners are transforming telepathology by making digital pathology simple, efficient, and accessible. Their seamless integration, ease of use, and affordability make them an essential tool in modern pathology.

Grundium Ocus 40 digital pathology scanner and a computer displaying a cytology sample

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