Ocus Software Releases

Latest additions to the Grundium Ocus® software

On this page you will find descriptions of the latest software releases for the Grundium Ocus microscope scanners. It is good practice to always keep your software up to date. Grundium usually rolls out SW releases several times per year with improvements and fixes, which make your scanner perform better.


Release date: 11/2022
Scanner models eligible: MGU-00002, MGU-00003, MGU-00004, MGU-00005, MGU-00006

New features:

Extended Depth Of Field (EDOF) Scan Mode

  • DESCRIPTION: Selects a local focus level within a field of view. Similar to Z-stacking, but produces a single all-in-focus image.
  • BENEFIT: Improved image clarity across uneven specimens.

Auto Logout (security improvement)

  • DESCRIPTION: User-set time based auto log out of user from scanner (never/30min/60min/2h/8h[default]/24h)
  • BENEFIT: Improves data security by removing accidentally staying logged in

User Log (security improvement)

  • DESCRIPTION: Time-stamped log of users and accessed functions (logins, scans, viewings, openings, and exports of scanned files)
  • BENEFIT: Added data security (no track viewing of slides)

New Power Button Light Signature

  • DESCRIPTION: Red power button only indicates error. Startup and shutdown sequences indicated with yellow power button.
  • BENEFIT: Improved logic

Wi-Fi/WLAN Access Point

  • DESCRIPTION: Access Point mode entered manually, instead of automatically when no network available
  • BENEFIT: User has more control on when to enter AP mode

QR Code/Data Label

  • DESCRIPTION: The data label reader SW has been overhauled
  • BENEFIT: Enables more seamless file naming from QR code

Optimisations, improvements and bug fixes

  • BENEFIT: Making your Ocus scanner yet a little faster and better

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