The next generation Ocus is here:
The Ocus M 40

Introducing the all-new Ocus® M 40, the innovative next step in our scanner lineup. This next-generation device leverages the familiar form factor and the compact design of previous Ocus® devices, while delivering higher throughput and advanced features.

Coming soon.
Ocus M 40 slide scanner blurred – coming soon!

We enhanced our ALREADY best-in-class image quality and CAPTURE

The Ocus® M 40 delivers enhanced image quality with its optimized illumination system and superior color reproduction, ensuring a level of consistency that you can reliably trust. The improved depth of field allows you to see better cellular detail in each field of view, providing clearer and more precise images for your analysis.

Its advanced image generation pipeline not only ensures faster processing but also delivers higher-quality image data, resulting in superior pixel clarity and detail that meet all your microscopy needs.

The upgraded stitching algorithm enables earlier access to images, allowing you to view the scanned areas while the rest is still being scanned, rather than having to wait until the entire scan is complete. This means less wait times and provides efficiency in your workflow.

Ocus M 40 scan sample. Click to enlarge.

Increased slide capacity, easier slide handling

We listened to your feedback about increasing the slide capacity – and we delivered. The Ocus® M 40 now features a capacity of four slides, allowing you to do more walk-away scanning and spend less time loading slides.

Additionally, the slide tray is removable, ensuring easier slide handling and preparation. You can also access extra trays, allowing you to prepare a set of slides while another tray is being scanned, giving you more time to focus on other tasks or preparations.

Support for 2×3" slides

In the future, a tray option for larger, 2×3" slides will be available for the Ocus® M 40.
The Ocus M 40 slide stage for four 1x3-inch slides

ALL-NEW user interface 

More organized

The Ocus® M 40 introduces a redesigned, browser-based user interface that retains the familiarity you love while enhancing functionality from the ground up. With the ability to see slides organized by case, you can streamline your workflow and manage your samples more efficiently.

Advanced Security and Control

Role-based access control and permissions add an extra layer of security, ensuring that only authorized users can access and modify critical data. This feature helps maintain the integrity of your work and safeguards sensitive information.

Customizable Scan Profiles

The Ocus® M 40 features customizable and saveable scan profiles, allowing you to tailor scan settings and color preferences to your specific needs. This enhancement not only improves your workflow but also ensures consistent results across different scans.

Control and optimize your workflow

These features give you more control over your workflow and the ability to optimize processes, making the Ocus® M 40 a powerful tool for any lab looking to improve efficiency and accuracy in slide scanning and analysis.

Ocus M 40 user interface sample
Ocus® M 40 User Interface example. Not final.

Advanced technology redefined

More processing power
Unrivaled processing POWER
The Ocus® M 40 boasts a significantly upgraded processor for heightened performance, delivering cutting-edge computing power and speed to ensure swift and efficient operation for all your scanning needs.
Vast storage capacity
With four times the slide capacity and four times the storage capability compared to Ocus® single-slide scanners, the expansive 2 terabyte storage capacity provides ample space for storing hundreds of high-resolution images and slide data.

Technical specifications *

Magnification: 40x
Scan resolution: 0.25 microns / pixel
Numerical aperture: 0.75
Depth of field: 1.3
Imaging mode: Brightfield
Overview camera resolution: 7 microns / pixel
Focusing: Fully automatic
Image sensor: 12 Mpix
Z-Stacking: Yes, 7 layers
Scan time (15x15mm): ~3 minutes
Live view feature: Yes

Slide capacity: Four
Slide format(s): 1" × 3" (2" × 3" available 2025)
Slide requirements: Coverslip, 7 microns
Removable slide tray: Yes
Secure remote access: Yes
Image export formats: SVS, TIFF, DICOM
Internal storage: 2 Terabytes
Barcode support: QR Code, Data Matrix
Network connectivity: Ethernet
Export locations: Network drive, Direct download

Ocus M40 slide scanner dimensions
* Preliminary, changes possible

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