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A pathologist inserting a slide into Ocus40 digital slide scanner

Whole slide imaging and the Ocus® WSI scanners

Whole slide imaging, also known as WSI, virtual microscopy or digital pathology, is a technique that involves capturing high-resolution digital images of an entire microscope slide. This technology revolutionizes the [...]
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Ocus®40 sample image

What makes a great digital microscopic image?

Sometimes the transition switch from conventional microscopy to digital pathology is made challenging for the pathologist by differences in what the viewed images look like over the two mediums. So, [...]
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A pathologist in laboratory environment using an iPad to review a sample scanned with the Ocus scanner on the desk

How digital imaging is changing pathology

Digital imaging is changing pathology by making it easier to identify and diagnose diseases. Pathologists are now able to use digital images to examine tissues and organs more closely, which [...]
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Ocus®20 vs. Ocus®40

Two beautiful and powerful scanners making the best professional diagnosis available for all life. What’s the difference? Here is what makes each of the Grundium Ocus® series scanners the most [...]
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